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Excise refund, a subsidiary of the pescara based gruppo  accise, guided by roberto quercia, offers businesses the possibility of benefitting from tax breaks and fiscal exemptions. among the services provided are tax filings for spirits.

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Excise Refund (European Excise Advisory Company) is a subsidiary of Accise Group, founded in 2004 in Pescara. The company consists of a team of professionals who provide consulting services on tax issues specifically for the excise sector: an area of expertise that encompasses the entire European market, and all businesses requiring assistance in submitting paperwork for obtaining tax breaks and adhering to filing obligations as prescribed by the competent authorities. The company’s sole director is Roberto Quercia, a non-traditional accountant, as he defines himself at the start of our interview. About twenty years ago, he left his job as an administrative employee in a company in the capital city of Pescara to focus on fiscal matters relating to taxation and the reimbursement of excise duties. “My father Bruno worked in the city once known as the Technical Department on Excise Duties (UTIF), and in a certain sense, I followed right along in his footsteps!”

But what exactly is meant by the term excise?

“Excise duties are applied on the manufacture and sale of certain categories of consumer products, such as those in the energy and petroleum sectors, for instance, or spirits, tobacco, etc., which are added on to other taxes like VAT, customs and import duties. These are indirect taxes applied on quantities rather than on price, and are thus not specified in purchase invoices, which is why businesses are not totally familiar with this subject matter. Our primary task is to inform entrepreneurs and heighten their awareness of the existence of benefits and even total exemptions they may be entitled to. It all depends on Italian regulatory measures and the specifications contained in the single reference text. Furthermore, excise duties are one of the few harmonised taxes at a continental level. Broadly speaking, the area of excise duties is the same as that of the EU Member States.
However, the EU’s excise territory isn’t identical to the Community’s duty area.” Indeed, among the advantages offered by Excise Refund are a tax filing benefit. As Quercia explains, “Our team can propose a service for declaring excise taxes and payments in Italy on wine, beer and spirits. We’re a customs entity that can purchase products with an excise duty exemption, and subsequently put them out to consumers, adding on excise duties based on their end uses. There are multiple benefits for businesses, both from a commercial and logistical/administrative standpoint.” Standout clients include major companies in the region of Abruzzo, such as Pilkington, Toto Group, Di Vincenzo Dino & C. Group, Deco, Technoscavi, Valagro, Alfa Wasserman, Fantini Vini, ETEX, Golden Lady, Italprefabbricati and Addario Group. “We’ve already initiated a variety of tax exemption filings abroad,” concludes Quercia, “and our goal is to continue to grow, opening up new locations and partnerships with other firms in countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Romania.”

The company’s website (www., created by Dmg Comunicazione, informs businesses and provides them with an opportunity to save on excise duties. Simply fill out the form in the dedicated section (clic here), attach a copy of your latest gas and electricity bill, or any other energy service, and the team of experts at Excise Refund will provide a detailed analysis within 48 hours and free of charge, establishing whether you’re eligible for a refund.

excise refund for companyYou could be eligible for a refund of 0.432 euros for every litre of petrol consumed, a refund that is owed to all businesses in industrial sectors that buy fuel and make use of operating machinery they own or regularly use through a lease agreement and/or loan-for-use scheme.
The types of machinery include bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, pavers, cranes, rollers, groomers, drilling machinery, construction trucks, forklifts, presses, shears, crushers, compressors, pumps, dewatering pumps, hydraulic motors, boring equipment, sheet piling and micro-piling equipment, self-propelled screens, chippers, etc.

These benefits are subject to the installation of certified tax instrumentation for measuring actual hours of operation and engine RPMs. The unit provided by Excise Refund, which is connected directly to the alternator, is electromechanical, and thus provides a reading even with the engine shut down and powered off. This is an essential element for subsequent controls by certified bodies, thus avoiding fiscal issuems.

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Board of Direction

Dr. Roberto Quercia
Tax & Excise Duties Specialist

Dr. Simona Ferri
Tax & Excise Duties Specialist

Geom. Dino Desiderioscioli
Technical Excise Duties Specialist

Other staff members:
Professionals with high specialization in economics and law

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